Colorful shoelace

SassyRow Colorful Shoelace

She is Sassy!

SassyRow® is a word coined from the combination of "Sassy" and "Row", inspired by the Japanese word "SASHI-IRO(inserting color)".

Under the brand name SassyRow®, we will propose a new sneaker life from Japan to the world.

SassyRow® is not only a shoelace brand, but also a sports apparel and sporting goods brand with the concept of "SASHI-IRO".

Not too flashy, Not too modest,
the unique beauty of Japanese culture to your feet.

"SASHI-IRO" is attracting attention from fashion-conscious people around the world as a means of expressing beauty.

However, if you look at the current state of shoelaces other than the standard white shoelaces, they seem to be a bit too much as "SASHI-IRO" color, whether it is a single color or a gradation of multiple colors.

Add a sassy color to your feet like a lapel pin, subtly.

Line Up

The lineup consists of five patterns: "Mizuhiki" with red on half of the bowknot, "National Flag" with an image of each country's flag color on the bowknot, "Front Line" with an inserted color on the front, "Top Line" with a colored bowknot, "Mosaic" with a color change from the middle of the shoelace.

*"Mizuhiki", "NationalFlag", and "FrontLine" have already obtained design rights from Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, EU, Canada, USA(FrontLine is still pending) and international design registration certificates. “TopLine” and “Mosaic” have also obtained Canadian design rights.
The design rights are obtained in shades of color and no specific color is specified, so The Global Games Inc. holds the rights to any combination of colors in this design.
If you would like to request an original color combination for the shoelaces, please contact us by Email(

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Each SassyRow® colorful shoelace is carefully hand-dyed at a factory in Japan, and is now available on Yahoo!Shopping.